Redi Ganpati Temple :

The Ganapati temple of Redi is located approximately 30 km from Vengurla, in the small villiage of Redi. The town in which this temple is situated contains manganese mines and the Ganpati idol was found in one of the mines near Rewati port in 1976.[citation needed] The Ganpati idol is in a sitting position and approximately 15 meters in height. There is a small rocky beach behind the temple.

Mochemad Beach :

It is surrounded by 200 feet high mountains and hills. On the way from Shiroda to Vengurla is Mochemad village. The coastline is extremely beautiful with the plantations of cyprus trees. Tourist seeking seclusion and solace frequently visit this place.

Shiroda Velaghar Beach :

Featuring natural beauty, privacy, sparkling blue waters, long stretch of silver sands, cool sea breeze whispering through towering cajuring plantations on the beach, amenities and salt depots around the village, Shiroda is feast for the eyes of visitors.

Everyone in Maharashtra and its neighbouring state is aware of great Marathi author Shri V. S. Khandekar. It is a place where he worked from 1920 to 1938 as a primary and secondary school teacher. So this place has got its own identity.

Dutch Fortified Factory ( 1637 ) :

During the period of colonization in India by foreign western traders, the Dutch Factory at Vengurle was erected in 1665 by Dutch East India Company’s envoy Rickloff Van Goens. As much as 3000 Tolas of glod was spent for the actual construction. The length of the factory Building is 35 Meters and breadth is 17 Meters. It is divided into three big halls with two grand gates. The building, made of stone and wood, has a rampart fence around. The factory building has an impact of Portugese Architecture. There were Govt. officers in the British period. At present the factory building is in dilapidated condition and in charges of Archaeological Department.

Amongst the more unusual remains of European colonialism on the sub-continent are the ruins of a Dutch commercial settlement in Vengurla. Established in the seventeenth century, the settlement served two key purposes: trade and a position from which to launch an attack on the Portuguese in Goa. All that is left are the crumbling remains of the Dutch fortified factory that once stood here. The importance of the settlement and Vengurla is attested to by the ceremonial passage of the queen of Golconda described in detail by a witness at the time:

Lighthouse :

Vengurla's Lighthouse, one of the tallest towers, is located on a hill in Vengurla village. Situated at a distance of around 10 km from the sea, the site can be easily reached through the winding path with a flight of steps. From the top of the hill, tourists can enjoy the view of the shore, Arabian Sea and its adjoining beaches.

Shri Rameshwar Temple :

Built in typical Konkani style architecture, this 300 years old Rameshwar Temple in vengurla town is a result of renovation and restoration. Lord Rameshwar is said to be tutelary deity of vengurla. Festivals like "Bhajani Saptah" (Hymns Sung through out the week to praise the lord), annual fair, Mahashivratri and Maghi festivals are celebrated once in year.

Nivati Beach :

One needs to get off the NH 17 at Kudal from where Nivati is approximately 20 Kms. Offers peace and serenity to independent travelers. Fishermen seen launching their traditional boats and nets daily into the sea is an interesting feature to watch on this beach. Adjoining the beach is a twin village Kochara which offers wonderful view of small tropical oasis on Nivti shore.

Sagareshwar Beach :

Driving on the way to Shiroda from Vengurla just turn to the right at Ubhadanda you will see the huge streteh of shiny silvery sand dunes. By trampling the sand under the foot, a short walk, climbing the sand dunes and lo behold you are at the sparkling beach and crystal blue waters of Sagreshwar. This beautiful beach is just 3-4 kms from Vengurla. A small temple of Sagareshwara(Lord of the Sea) is situated on the beach.

The Cajuring plantations on the beach offers hospitality and pleasure to the tourists. Ideal for swimming, this is a secluded beach and can be accessed by trekking.

Vayangani Beach :

Vayangani is a tiny beach, 7 km from Vengurla, and is accessed via shady paths that wind through Vayangani Gaon, between towering supari and casuarina groves.

Shri Dev Vetoba Devasthan Aravali :

Shri Dev Vetoba Devasthan of Aravali is one of the most famous 'jagrut' (Lord who fulfills the wishes of devotees) temples in Vengurle taluka of Sindhudurg district in Maharashtra, India.

Shri Dev Vetoba is the God of Aravali village in Konkan. Natives of this picturesque, tranquil village straddling the Arabian Sea worship Shri Dev Vetoba as their protector. They believe He brings prosperity to the village. Devotees worship Him as a loving and compassionate God who answers their prayers, fulfills their wishes and comes to their aid in times of crisis and difficulties. Natives and devotees lovingly call their God, simply – Vetoba.

Vengurla Jetty :

Vengurla's Jetty is one of the busiest ports on the western shores, which is located in the Sindhudurg region of Maharashtra. Presently standing in the ruins, the port during its construction time was built with cement and wood. Still capable of catering small boats and their landing, the jetty is frequently visited for a lighthouse, which stands on the top of the hill. The lighthouse provides a bird’s eye view of the Goan shoreline and the Terekhol River to the visitors.

Shiroda Mithagar :

Shiroda, 17 km. away from Vengurla, is adorned with coconut palm trees, cypress woods and spectacular sea-shore. In Shiroda one can notice Mithagars (place where salt is created, situated near sea shore).