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Terekhol Beach :

The Terekol Beach lies on the north bank of the Terekol river and is located in the northern most part of the state of Goa, near the Maharashtran border. Terekol is a wild, beautiful, unspoiled and completely uncommercialised region in Goa.

A fort that was originally a Maratha fort is located here on a piece of high ground facing the sea. It is lapped by the sea on one side, and has a dry moat surrounding it on the other three sides. The Portuguese captured it in 1776 and built a church here. The fort is now a hotel, the Hotel Tiracol Fort Heritage. It offers some very stark but beautiful views. The area surrounding the fort also makes for some good rides on a motorcycle, and you could stop for a swim on deserted Querim Beach. There is very little to see or do at the fort itself, apart from admire the views, for this is one beach that is yet untouched by commercialization.

One can look across to Querim Beach from the battlements of the fort. It takes twenty minutes to cross the Terekol River on an ancient Goan ferry that operates every 30 minutes. Terekol is surely one of the last untouched and peaceful spots in Goa.

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