Around Vengurla :

Malwan City –At a distance of about 56 kms from Vengurla by Road. Malwan is a major sea port . Famous for its sea fort " Sindhudurg " built by our great Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj . Worth seeing. There are 2 beaches nearby – Malwan beach & Tarkarli beach ( 7 kms from Malwan ). Dhamapur lake at a distance of 15 kms has become a tourist attraction. Towards Masura , at a distance of 15 kms is yet another famous Goddess Bharadi at Aangnewadi , whose Jatra is held annually .

Raul Maharaj Math at Pinguli - located at a distance of 25 kms from Vengurla towards kudal. Very peaceful , clean , & beautiful Math .

Shri Tembe Swami Math at Mangaon - Another famous Math worth visitng for Tembe Swami’s birthplace and God Dattatreya Temple . Located at 25 kms from Vengurla towards Sawantwadi.

Kunkeshwar Temple & Vijaydurg Fort - Located on the Mumbai –Goa Highway along the Sea coast. Famous for its Shiva Temple & the Jatra.

Kudal & Sindhunagari - Sindhunagari (Oros) is the capital of Sindhudurg district. Kudal is the old capital. Very near from Pinguli.There is a Lakshmi Narayan Temple at Walawal & Kaleshwar Temple at Nerur, very near from Kudal.

Parule - at about 26 Kms.Adi Narayan Temple (Sun Temple), Bhogwe beach & Nivti Fort are nearby.

Goa - Goa border is very near from Redi . By road , at 10 kms is the famous Terekhol fort & River. One has to cross the river in ferry boat which carries four-wheelers also. On the other side is the Keri village of Goa. From Keri , Panaji is at 76 kms , which can be covered within 1 to 1 ˝ hours. On the way there are many beaches.

Kalvi Beach, Kelus :

This beach with colorful boats lies close to Konkan district in Indian state of Maharashtra. Kalvi beach is another fishermen’s village in the vicinity dotted with palm trees and colorful fishing boats with a backdrop of yet another green hillock. There is a twin rock half submerged in the sea near this hillock which gives an added attraction.

This beach region essentially enjoys a moderate climate with cool, pleasing summers and mild, cold winters. Kalvi beach has friendly weather that supports visitors in enjoying a variety of fun activities.

Mansishwar Temple :

Mansishwar Temple. An ancient place. Local people believe great spirits stay here.

Terekhol Beach :

The Terekol Beach lies on the north bank of the Terekol river and is located in the northern most part of the state of Goa, near the Maharashtran border. Terekol is a wild, beautiful, unspoiled and completely uncommercialised region in Goa.

A fort that was originally a Maratha fort is located here on a piece of high ground facing the sea. It is lapped by the sea on one side, and has a dry moat surrounding it on the other three sides. The Portuguese captured it in 1776 and built a church here. The fort is now a hotel, the Hotel Tiracol Fort Heritage. It offers some very stark but beautiful views. The area surrounding the fort also makes for some good rides on a motorcycle, and you could stop for a swim on deserted Querim Beach. There is very little to see or do at the fort itself, apart from admire the views, for this is one beach that is yet untouched by commercialization.

One can look across to Querim Beach from the battlements of the fort. It takes twenty minutes to cross the Terekol River on an ancient Goan ferry that operates every 30 minutes. Terekol is surely one of the last untouched and peaceful spots in Goa.

Shri Sateri Temple :

12 Kms away from malvan, in Bilwas is situated on Masure road. An old & huge temple at the bottom side of Bilwas mountain is a great attraction of tourist. Shri Sateri is residency deity of Bilwas. This temple with huge sabhamandap built in 12-13th century. This temple was surrounded with lake water, so it’s called ‘Jalmandir’. But now days, only mud is spread over in the lake.

Legend behind the temple : In old days, Bilwas was a part of Masure village. A Lake with clean water spread with greenery on its bank. Cattels were come across there to drink water. One day at noon, two buffalos started fighting in lake, suddenly a buffalo struck the anthill present in the lake, & bleeding started from that anthill. When cattle men knew about it, they got surprised & decided to built a temple on anthill. The lots of tourist & devotees come from Maharashtra & even from Kerala, Karnataka to worship & pray the diety.

Mauli Devi Temple :

Sonurli's Shri. Devi Mauli temple is known as South Konkan's Pandharpur. It's a holy shrine far many. Devi Mauli is also called as"Mahishasur Mardini".

Buffalo is a pious carrier of the goddess. The charming idol is carvedin back rock and is about more than 300 years old. The spacious templeis built in four main parts. The idol of goddess has established in thefourth part, The goddess is adorned with sword, shield and Trishul.Sonurli's fair is one of the three bag fairs hold in Sindhudurg. Village Sonurle is 13 Km. away form Sawantwadi. It's situated in theheart of mountains. The small village is replete with natures bounty.

Khazandevi Temple :

The Khazandevi temple is amongst the prettiest temples to visit in Vengurla. It is built in Konikan style architecture and is nearly 300 years old.

Sagareshwar Shiva Temple :

Sageshwar Shiva Temple is one of the ancient temples located in the village of Sageshwar, dedicated to lord shiva. The stone carved village is built close to the sea. The courtyard of the temple is surrounded by colourful flowers and plants.

Sagartirth Beach :

Sagartirth is a quietest beach in the chain of beaches on the Malvan coastline. The beach has miniscule activities. Handful of the local fisher folk can be seen here. A resort is on its way of development on the hill top and will certainly have a vantage point once done.